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As a global leader in protection solutions, Ansell manufactures a wide range of hand and arm protection solutions. Ansell’s name has become synonymous with quality, protection and superior comfort for professionals in the industrial and healthcare sectors with its range of high protection gloves. With headquarters in Australia, Ansell Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is the largest Australian direct investment in the manufacturing sector in Sri Lanka.


Ansell’s commitment to protection in all its aspects extends to the company’s sustainability journey. The “Ansell Bio-link” Agroforestry Project was launched in July 2017 in conjunction with The Conservation Carbon Company (CCC) as Sri Lanka’s FIRST Carbon Insetting Project. The main objective of the Ansell Bio-link is to create a biodiversity corridor between the Haycock and Danawala forests. Communities will benefit from enhanced access to natural resources and the diversification of the crop base of the local communities. Other expected results include increased biodiversity resilience through strengthened ecosystems.

CCC was able to estimate the GHG sequestration of the bio-link between the two forest patches, and this project has been independently verified and certified by The Sustainable Future Group (SFG) under the ISO 14064-2 Standard on how much CO2 will be sequestered over the next 20 years.

The project has further been certified under the Carbon-Inset® Guideline, according to which organisations may measure and take recognisance of the carbon reductions or removals that take place on clearly established projects created within their own value chain or sphere of influence, or external non-profit oriented environmental projects that are supported on a long-term basis.

In this case, the Carbon Insets generated by the “Ansell Bio-Link” Agroforestry Project will be used to neutralise a selected business activity, operation or entity of Ansell.

All carbon insets retired in this manner are independently managed on the registry maintained by SFG to guarantee the absence of double counting as well as to ensure transparency. 

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