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The pioneer in establishing the sport of Kitesurfing in Sri Lanka, Kitesurfing Lanka (KSL), is famed for the prosperity it's brought to the Kalpitiya region and the industry it has helped create. The resort is a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, nestled in a quaint area in Kalpitiya. Apart from their ambitious mangrove project, they are actively involved in community outreach programs to educate the community on sustainable tourism, and establishing vocational trainings to create natural products like Ayurvedic soap, sunblock, and toothpaste, contributing to additional income sources for the communities surrounding the hotel.

Using the ISO 14064-2 standard, SFG was able to independently verify and quantify the GHG sequestration from the planting and maintenance of the new mangroves.


Using the guidance of the Zero Carbon Hotel Stay TM protocol, SFG estimated the emissions associated with a night stay for the hotel's guests in order to inset their carbon footprint.

Under the provision of the Carbon-Inset® guideline, organisations may measure and take recognisance of the carbon sequestration that takes place on clearly established projects created within their supply chain or their sphere of influence.

In this case, the emissions associated with the guest’s overnight stay was compensated for by the carbon sequestration of the company’s mangrove restoration and management project. All carbon insetting credits retired in this manner are independently managed on the registry maintained by SFG, to guarantee the absence
of double counting as well as to ensure transparency.

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