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The extensive Lalan rubber estates which spread over 17,000 acres are among some of the best maintained plantations in the region. This stringent adherence to international ecological & social standards is why Lalan was awarded the well managed forestry certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for their rubber wood, latex and coconut plantations.

Using the ISO 14064-2  SFG was able to quantify the GHG sequestration that arises out of the rehabilitation and protection of degraded lands. This project was verified independently by SFG on how much CO2e will be sequestered over the next 15 years.

Using the PAS 2050 global standard for product footprint, SFG was able to verify the Product Carbon Assertion provided by the client, to independently assure the carbon calculation for each variant of rubber gloves produced under this programme.

Under the provisions of the

Carbon-Inset® Guideline organisations may measure and take recognisance of the carbon sequestration that takes place on established sequestration projects created within their supply chain or their sphere of influence. 

In this case, the emissions associated with the production of  a designated number of gloves and variants were compensated for by the carbon sequestration of the company’s reforestation project. 

All carbon insetting credits retired in this manner are independently managed on the registry maintained by SFG, to guarantee the absence of double counting as well as to ensure transparency. 

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